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Welcome to Studio 407

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Take a Class

Choose From a Variety

 Beginner Reformer

Find Your Core

Join us in our reformer class on our Allegro 2’s. This class is a full body workout that will leave you feeling stretched, worked, and confident. Among its many benefits, participating helps improve coordination, flexibility, and balance. Sign up now!

Intermediate Reformer

Take it to the Next Level

This class is sure to become your next obsession. It’s based around the belief that mental and physical health are interrelated, and should be conditioned together. By combining fun and enjoyment with physical activity, this class is a step above our beginner's class. Join today!

Stretch Reformer

Time to Stretch

Join us for this class and stretch your way to a healthy body and mind. These techniques build a flexible body from which one can transition into more advanced stages, including a diversity of coordination and modifications to suit a range of difficulties, from beginner to advanced. At the end of this class, enjoy a cool lavender towel! Book now, and treat yourself today — you deserve it!

Pilates Ring

Our Commitment

Studio 407, is a Pilates studio that has 5 state of the art tables. We provide our clients with some of the most up-to-date equipment. This equipment is made in Sacramento, California. We commit to provide you with the cleanest, most comfortable environment. We want to provide you a safe space to explore movement and better your body for your specific goals.

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Help Center

Find the Answers Here

Welcome to the Studio 407 help center. We have pulled some of the most frequently asked questions from our customers and compiled them all into one place. Should you have any other questions that we may have missed, don’t hesitate to reach out.

What is Pilates?

At Studio 407, we offer many class levels of reformer pilates. Pilates is a type of exercise that improves muscular imbalances, strengthens the body, & is frequently used for rehabilitation. Whether your goal is to become more flexible or to better your body for daily activity, pilates is the way to get there! Most importantly, Pilates is for all bodies at all skill levels. 
The reformer is a complex piece of equipment that we use to practice on. We require our clients to take a private to understand the anatomy of the equipment before joining a class.

We can't wait to see you!

Do I need a private? What if I have done Pilates before?

YES- all clientele are required to take a private before starting class at Studio 407. We do this to better enhance your experience! Not only will you come into class feeling confident on how to operate the complex equipment, but we will also sit down to evaluate your body and needs. Since we are a smaller, 5 table boutique, we value each and every person's individual experience. Call or text our studio phone to book!
We can’t wait to see your growth!

What do I wear/bring?

Wear comfortable clothes that you feel confident in! We workout in sticky socks or we workout barefoot. We sell sticky socks if you would prefer those once you get to our studio. We ask you do not wear shoes past the waiting area. We also ask you do not wear zippers as this could tear our equipment. Bring a water bottle and we provide the rest!
Stay comfy!

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Come Visit Us!

Monday – Friday: 6am – 7pm
Saturday: 8am – 1pm
Sunday: CLOSED

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Contact Us

Have questions, need help, or compliments/ concerns? We’re always here to help.

Located~ 3000 Alamo Dr Suite 207
Vacaville, Solano County 95687

Text us~ 707~474~2056

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